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Crazy Red presents Competition Team Voodoo!

Nearly-Legendary Driving Accessories & Casual Wear!

Put some Snap in your Miata with a Competition Team Voodoo Shift Knob & Brake Handle Grip!


Updated July 6, 2009
Note: Original "Standard" Size Voodoo Shift Knobs, Pistol Grip Voodoo Knobs, and all Voodoo Brake Handle Grips, are no longer in production! Most finishes are sold out! See details below. Please inquire if you have questions about any specific item. Thank you!


The Who do Voodoo

Back in the days before the internet was a household word, when computer geeks got their on-line fixes from outfits like Compuserve, The Source, and GENIE, and AOL had more modems than customers, Voodoo Bob Krueger - Miata owner, SoCalM member, and San Diego resident - started the Miataville forumn on Compuserve. The forumn quickly became the most intelligent and respected source for Miata information in Cyberspace. The came much later - in the beginning there was Voodoo Bob and Miataville.

It didn't take long for Bob to start tinkering with his Miata, and one of the things he decided to do right away was create the perfect shift knob inspired by exotic Italian sports cars of previous era. Thus the Voodoo Knob was born and instantly became a cult favorite among Miataville members. Bob tells it like this...

"Originally, my intent was to simply make a shift knob for myself that met my needs... a spherical shape, custom fit to the Miata, and a weight at least somewhat in line with that of the OEM knob. The weight is important because the shift knob being too light causes a lot of gearbox vibration to be passed to the hand, and most people find that objectionable. So I designed the Voodoo Knob to be a 1-7/8 inch sphere of alloy, which gives it a weight of approximately 145 grams. This weight compares favorably with the OEM knob's 190 grams and, consequently, little vibration reaches the hand."

Eventually, a slightly larger "Magnum" sized knob was introduced with a 2" sphere. (Note: All Voodoo Knobs are now made with a 2" diameter sphere.)


Team Voodoo Shift Knobs
(Compatible with ALL Manual Transmission Miatas & MX-5s!)

Textured, Polished, and Smooth Voodoo Knobs

"The very first Voodoo Knobs were simply polished, this being the traditional finish for sports/racing knobs. It soon became clear that, although some of us like the polished look and connect it to racing cars of the past, others didn't like the contrast with the otherwise all-black interior of the Miata. So the powder coated Voodoo Knob was born. This knob is finished with a 30% matte black powder coating which is much tougher than either anodizing or traditional painting. You've probably seen it before on things like tube bumpers for 4WD vehicles. After a while, I thought that perhaps a matching brake handle for the polished knob, a la the M2-1001, would serve to aesthetically complement and justify this bright part sitting in the middle of the Miata's "coal bin", and the polished Voodoo Grip was created. The next look in the Team Voodoo lineup is a textured finish much like that of Ferrari valve covers (or your sill protector plates if you have the black metal ones). As it turns out, this has been the most popular product to date."


Polished Voodoo Knob & Brake Handle Grip


The Pearl and Spun Voodoo Knobs

"A new clear powdercoated spun finish has been released at Team Voodoo headquarters and will henceforth be known as 'Pearl'. Why the name? Note the pearlescent nature of the knob on the left. See how the traditional standing waves of the spun knob's reflective pattern are subdued and the pearl knob on the left looks less 'pointy' than the spun one on the right? And with the new knob, you'll never again have to watch your spun finish turn slowly to polished before your eyes as you use it!"

Pearl knobs are now available as a production finish from Team Voodoo and Voodoo retailers. Other finishes available include the non-clearcoated Spun finish, and a true Chrome finish.

The Voodoo Knobs: Polished, Chrome, Spun, Smooth, & Textured
(Pearl not Shown. Rear Pistol Grip Sold Out)


Team Voodoo Materials & Manufacturing

"All Voodoo Knobs and Grips, regardless of finish, are CNC machined from either corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy 6061-T6 or elemental grade 2 titanium round stock. Billet knobs have been the shifters of choice for racing applications for generations. Sports and prototype cars from the '50s and '60s, from Ferraris to Aston Martins, raced with them. Indy cars raced with them. And Formula 1 cars raced with them too. To this day, every production Ferrari, one of the most elegant and exotic cars on the planet, comes with a spherical billet shift knob. I thought about stainless steel at one point, but it is considerably heavier than aluminum and I felt it would pre-load the gearbox excessively. Besides, alloy shift knobs have a long tradition in sports car racing, and if it was good enough for the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin, it's good enough for Team Voodoo."



The Textured Black Powder Voodoo Knob!


Team Voodoo Accessories

In addition to the shift knobs and brake handle grips, a variety of Competition Team Voodoo fashion accessories are available, including lapel pins, decals, and window stickers. Dress to win with Crazy Red and Team Voodoo!

Team Voodoo Decals, Stickers, & Pins

Pollo Rampante etched Poly-Kote lapel pins (shown at right, above) are now available from The Crazy Red Italian and Team Voodoo. The pins are 1-1/8 inches tall and feature the Pollo shield in full color, just as you see it here. Lapel pins are available for $4.50 each + s/h.

High-performance vinyl decals are now available in two sizes and three formats. Adhesive-back decals are available for outside application in seven-inch and four-inch sizes. Meant to be a permanent application, like vinyl stripes or sponsorship decals, these decals are applied to an area pre-sprayed with slightly soapy water (Apply them dry at your own risk!) and then squeegied into place. The adhesive on these decals is very sticky, but if they do ever need to be removed, a hairdryer can be used to help release them, as is often done with factory graphics and stripe kits.

Small decals (2.5" tall) are available for $4.50 each +s/h. Medium decals (4" tall) are available for $4.50 each also. Large decals (7" tall) are available for $8.50 each +s/h.

Static-cling decals are also available for those who want to apply the Pollo in a fully-removable form to the inside of their windshields or vent window glass. Static clings, like the medium decals, are four inches tall. Static-cling decals are also $4.50 each +s/h.

Voodoo Features & Price List

    Updated July 6, 2009

  • Highest quality competition shift knobs and brake handle grips.
  • Nearly-Legendary style.
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced with shorter shift throw.
  • Fit all Miatas.
  • Install in seconds with detailed instructions.
  • Shift knob styles available:
    • Powder Black Smooth Magnum Voodoo Knob - Only $36 each!
    • Powder Black Textured Magnum Voodoo Knob - Only $36 each!
    • Polished Magnum Voodoo Knob - Only $38 each!
    • Spun Magnum Voodoo Knob - Only $34 each!
    • Pearl Magnum Voodoo Knob - Only $39 each!
    • Chrome Voodoo Knob - Only $42 each!
    • Chrome Magnum Voodoo Knob - Only $42 each!
  • Also these Team Voodoo Accessories:
    • Team Voodoo Lapel Pins - $4.50!
    • Team Voodoo Window Stickers & Decals - $4.50+!

The Team Voodoo Mascots in formation over Southern California!

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