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Way Cool Style Bars by Racing Beat!

Beautiful Type-V Bar

The great looking Racing Beat Type-V Style Bar from The Crazy Red Italian!

Check out these way cool style bars by Racing Beat, available now from the Crazy Red Italian!

These bars are by far some of the most popular style accessories available for the Miata, and we think they are the highest quality style bars you can find! They are available in several different styles and different colors and finishes. They are all made of heavy gauge steel pipe and are very sturdy and strong. All mount without requiring any metal cutting, drilling, or welding. (Only a little plastic trimming is required.) They don't interfere with the standard top or window operation, your hard top, or your vinyl top boot. They are very simple to install and attach easily yet securely with several large bolts on each side. (For more information on Style Bars vs. Roll Bars, see below...) Here are some more details about the various styles or Racing Beat Style Bars.


Type-II: The double hump Chrome Racing Beat Type-II style bar is one of the most popular around. This classic bar provides a classic aggressive muscular look inspired by the high performance roadsters and race cars of the muscle-car era. Unlike some other bars, the twin humps are formed from a single piece of 2.25 inch tubing and reinforced with steel plates at each base. This maximizes the smooth unbroken finish and minimizes the need for unsightly welds. The attention-grabbing bright chrome finish looks great on any color Miata. While the Chrome is by far the more popular of the colors we sell, the Type-II is also available with a powder-coated Black Satin or Silver Powdercoat finish if you prefer a more subdued look.

  • New "Full Recline" Double Hump Chrome Style Bar (Black optional)
  • Easy To Install (no metal cutting, drilling, welding)
  • Minor Impact on Seat Travel (May be noticed by taller drivers. See note below about new design.)
  • Does Not Interfere With Top Operation
  • Works With Hard Tops
  • Works With All Versions of Robbins Glass Window Tops
  • Minimal to None Intrusion In Rear View Mirror
  • Works With Vinyl Boot
  • Works With Racing Beat Hard Boot/Rear Deck Cover
  • Tonneau Covers May Be Modified To Work
    (Requires significant modification to Tonneau!)
  • Stock Seat Belt Tower Cross Brace (94-97) Replaced by Bar
  • New! Works with '99-'05 Miatas!
  • Just $289 (chrome) or $269 (black) plus shipping. (California residents must add sales tax.)
  • In Northern California? Save on the shipping and let Crazy Red professionally install this bar for you. Most Miatas just $150 ('90-'97) or $225 ('99-'05)!


  • New for 2001!
    Full Recline now allows for greater seat adjustment when seat is slid back for taller drivers. You may still notice some minor interference with seat positioning but it is much less than before!

Type-II Bar

Polished Chrome Type-II Bar (above)
& Black Powdercoat (below)



Type-V: The Type-V 'Euro Style' is the latest popular design and includes an integrated rear seat tower brace to replace the stock brace found on '94-'97 Miatas. This style bar was an instant hit and is now our most popular. Based primarily on a 2" diameter pipe, and packed with 4" of hand-tailored padding under a premium grade zippered vinyl cover, this bar is beefy and strong, yet maintains a sleek and aerodynamic look. The Type-V bar comes in the standard colors of Black or Tan.

  • Single Hoop Padded Style Bar
  • Black or Tan Vinyl Cover Standard
  • Easy To Install (no metal cutting, drilling, welding)
  • Little to No Impact on Seat Travel (Varies by Year)
  • Does Not Interfere With Top Operation
  • Works With Hard Tops
  • Minor Intrusion In Rear View Mirror
  • Works With Vinyl Boot
  • Tonneau Covers May Be Modified To Work
  • New! Works with '99-'05 Miatas!
  • Just $319 plus shipping. (California residents must add sales tax.)
  • In Northern California? Save on the shipping and let Crazy Red professionally install this bar for you. Most Miatas just $150 ('90-'97) or $225 ('99-'05)!
Type-V Bar

The Type-V Bar in Black (above) & Tan (below)

Tan Type-V Bar

Modified Tonneau Cover & Type-V Bar (below)

Type-V Bar w/ Tonneau

Other Types

Other Types: Unfortunately Racing Beat has discontinued their other types Style Bars and they are no longer available. Sorrry!

Crazy Red also Sells & Installs the full line of
Hard Dog Roll Bars for the Miata!

Plus Crazy Red Also Sells & Installs Boss Frog Roll Bars!

More About Style Bars vs. Roll Bars

We get a lot of questions from our customers regarding the differences between Style Bars and Roll Bars, and many Miata owners are not sure which is right for them. Basically, Roll Bars are designed to provide some degree of collapse protection in the event of a rollover crash, especially at the high speeds, tight corners, and close quarters typical at a race track. Style Bars, on the other hand, are designed primarily to be a convenient and pleasing way to add some style to your car. Any increase in sturdiness and and stiffening is a nice bonus, but Style Bars are not designed for rollover protection. At Crazy Red, we can offer you either solution. In addition to the great Racing Beat style bars shown here, we also offer and install the full line of Hard Dog Roll Bars and Boss Frog Roll Bars for the Miata! But you should understand the differences between the products, and understand what is in involved with each choice.

Wwhat about roll bars? Roll Bars are designed to provide additional protection in the event of a rollover accident or crash. Like the stock A-pillar on the Miata, they are designed to prevent the passenger compartment from collapsing under the weight of the car and crushing the driver. But they can provide much more protection because they are not necessarily limited in their size and shape as the A-pillar is. Roll Bars, as distinguished from Roll Cages, act independently and are located behind (but do not surround) the driver. To function properly, the roll bar must be solidly attached to the car (usually with bolts and backing plates, less often with welds) in at least three places, preferably more. To provide the protection, the roll bar must not deform, so it needs to be diagonally reinforced, ideally both side to side and front to rear. But remember, the Roll Bar is designed to prevent the collapse of the passenger compartment! In order to protect the occupants, the driver or passenger must be wearing safety belts or preferably a saftey harness. In addition, the occupants' heads must not come in contact with the roll bar, and for any serious track-type driving, must be wearing helmets or the Roll Bar will have little practical safety advantage.

Now obviously no one wants to roll their car. (Except maybe stunt drivers...) But some people enjoy driving their cars in situations where they knowingly accept an increased risk of rollover accidents. What situations are we talking about? Driving on the race track! The SCCA requires Roll Bars for Miatas that wish to participate in club racing events, as well as helmets and harnesses for the drivers. In addition, many Miata owners who regularly participate in on-track driving schools and hot laps events must install Roll Bars and harnesses for the extra protection they provide in the race track environment of high speeds, tight cornering, and close quarters with fellow racers. And at the highest levels of both amateur and professional racing, you will not see Roll Bars at all, but Roll Cages, which completely surround the driver compartment and are often integrated with the Miata's own structural members. And of course, drivers on the race track always wear a helmet.

And what about Style Bars? Style bars, first and foremost, add style. They may be beefy and sturdy, and add considerably to the side-to-side stiffening of the Miata (as the Racing Beat Style Bars do), but they are not designed for rollover protection or intended to be used as a safety device. They typically mount in only two locations rather than three or more, and are not diagonally braced in two planes. Unlike Roll Bars, Style Bars do not require any metal cutting, drilling, or welding to install. As such, they can be installed or removed with a minimum of fuss. And because they do not require fixed bracing in the rear, a style bar will not intefere with the operation of your top or vinyl boot.

So where does that leave you? If you plan to do some racing or spend some time on the track, then you will definitely want a Roll Bar. Your primary exposure to accidents or crashes will occur when you are wearing a safety harness and helmet. Also, if you are very concerned about crash protection on the road, then you might want to consider a Roll Bar. However, taller drivers especially will need to be aware of the proximity of their head to the metal bars in case they are involved in a collision while not wearing a helmet. You will suffer some loss of convenience in the use of the soft top and boot. Installation of the bar will be more complicated than a Style Bar, and you will not be able to remove it without more difficulty, so you should plan on keeping the Roll Bar. But you will be able to choose from a wide variety of styles and colors for your bar to find the one that's right for you.

On the other hand... If the Miata is your primary vehicle, and you do not plan on doing a lot of track events, then you may want to consider a Style Bar. Since the Miata is your daily driver, your primary exposure to accidents or crashes will occur when you are not wearing a safety harness or helmet. Also, your primary exposure will be to fender-benders, front-end collisions, and side-impacts, rather than rollovers. In these cases, a steel roll bar whacking on your head is not a good idea! A Style Bar wil serve you best in these circumstances. You will not lose any convenience in the use of your soft top or the vinyl boot you use to protect it. (Depending on which style you choose, you may even continue to use your tonneau cover, hard boot, or other accessories.) You will also be able to choose from a wide variety of styles and colors for your bar. And the bar can be easily installed or removed without irreversible modifications to the car.

Which to choose? You decide. Crazy Red can offer you both. But if you decide on a Style Bar, don't be misled. Not all Style Bars are created equal. We are very proud of the Racing Beat Style Bars. They are strong and sturdy, and well made with top quality workmanship. They are very easy to install and convenient to live with. And of course, they look great!

We hope this information helped. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


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