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Crazy Red Running/Driving Lights!

Check out these Running/Driving Lights by Crazy Red!

So you want a basic set of running/driving lights but aren't ready to spend a fortune? And you want installation to be a simple affair? Then Crazy Red has the answer! Just as with the Crazy Red Air Horns, the Crazy Red Driving Lights are not just lights, but a complete pre-assembled kit that is ready to install in your Miata in just a matter of minutes. The detailed instructions with photographs make the job a snap. And all the extras are included, such as the custom Miata wiring harness and fuse. Only Crazy Red provides driving lights that are complete and pre-assembled for the Miata. Best of all, the price is only $84 (plus $12.95 for standard Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the U.S.). Order a set today, and let there be light!
  • Increased visibility for your Miata!
  • Compact design fits even with license plate, grille!
  • Install easily in just 30-40 minutes!
  • Completely reversible - co cutting, drilling, glue or tape required!
  • Perfect around town or in the country!
  • Custom solid-core 14 ga. wiring harness and fuse!
  • Replaceable 55 Watt H3 Halogen bulbs!
  • Make great daytime running lights, provide fill-in at night!
  • Non-parabolic directional reflector!
  • Ion-coated Amber lenses!
  • Lights activate with ignition - never forget they're on!


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When you shop with Crazy Red, you'll get personalized attention and service from one of our proud Miata enthusiasts, and great prices on the widest variety of all the most popular Miata accessories. Plus you'll get knowledge and information drawn from our experience servicing and installing parts on hundreds of Miatas since 1995.

Ordering online from The Crazy Red Italian is easy! Just see our simple order form on our order page. You can also use the form to request our latest catalogs & flyers. If you have any other questions, would rather order in person, or just want to contact us, we would love to hear from you. Each of us here at Crazy Red in a bona-fide Miata owner and enthusiast! You can reach Crazy Red by any of the following methods...

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[Note: Florida office is now closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.]


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Don't forget! We offer savings on all the most popular Miata accessories. Plus we do service and installation at our two Northern California locations, including tops, suspensions, exhausts, clutch, timing belts, brakes, and more!

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