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Air Intakes

RB Air Intake System
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High-Flow, Protective,
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Air Horns

Crazy Red Italian
Air Horns For The Miata!


Running Lights

Crazy Red Custom
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Type-II Style Bar

Style Bars by Racing Beat
(Type-II Chrome Shown)


Leather Seats

Crazy Red
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Team Voodoo

Team Voodoo
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Hard Boot

Rear Deck Hard Boot
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Our Most Popular Accessory! Since 1995...

World Famous Crazy Red Italian Air Horns
For all Miatas & MX-5s 1990-2011!

As Seen In Miata Magazine, On, And At Miata Events Everywhere!

Here are just some of the places you may have seen Crazy Red in action!
  • Harris Ranch '95 - 20 Sets Sold!
  • Laguna Seca '95 - 10 Sets Sold!
  • Cleveland '95 Rock 'N' Roll Rally - 30 Sets Sold!
  • Gold Rush '95 - 40 Sets Sold!
  • Golden Gate Getaway '96 - 25 Sets Sold!
  • Sunshine State Sizzle '96 - 15 Sets Sold!
  • Toronto Miata '96 - 40 Sets Sold!
  • GNwGoM '96 - 25 Sets Sold!
  • Gold Rush '96 - 20 Sets Sold!
  • Miata Games '96 - 20 Sets Sold!
  • Houston Tech '96 - 15 Sets Sold!
  • Dallas Miata Mania '97 - 10 Sets Sold!
  • Miatas At The Ranch '97 - 20 Sets Sold!
  • Gold Rush '97 - 10 Sets Sold!
  • Houston Tech '97 - 10 Sets Sold!
  • MX-5s in Paris '98 - 7 Sets Sold!
  • Poconos MMM '98 - 20 Sets Sold!
  • Gold Rush '98 - 10 Sets Sold!
  • Miata World '99 - 25 Sets Sold!
  • GNWGM '99 - 15 Sets Sold!
  • Ascutney Mtn. Rally - 20 Sets Sold!
  • Surf 'n Safari - 15 Sets Sold!
  • Sunshine Sizzle '00 - 10 Sets Sold!
  • MX-5s in Brugge '00 - 7 Sets Sold!
  • Daytona 2000 - 40 Sets Sold!
  • NW Miatafest '01 - 15 Sets Sold!
  • Surf 'n Safari '04 - 30 Sets Sold!
  • Miata.Net - 4000+ Sets Sold!
  • Plus many, many more at Miata Club events - over 8000 sold in all!!!

Crazy Red Italian Air Horns for the Miata. These are not just air horns, but a complete, pre-assembled, ready-to-install kit. The twin-projector trumpet-style horns come pre-assembled specifically for the Miata and ready to install with no cutting or drilling. Price is $49.00 which includes tax. Standard shipping anywhere in the United States is just $12.95. Detailed instructions with photographs are included, and installation takes about 15-20 minutes for most Miatas. The horns come with a full one-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee. Order yours today!

Some features of the Crazy Red Italian Air Horns for the Miata:

  1. Kit is truly complete! Every horn kit on the market says it is complete, but none is pre-assembled specifically for the Miata. Many do not include necessary mounting brackets, most don't include necessary electrical connectors, there are unneeded pieces in the kits which create confusion, and the directions are next to useless. My directions are very clear and specific, and illustrated with photos. I even include a spare fuse and information label for your convenience.

  2. No cutting or drilling is required. This installation is very simple and 100% reversible at any time. You only need to remove and replace two screw bolts in your Miata. No special tools are required. A 10mm socket (and possibly a screwdriver) is all you will need. And again, everything is included.

  3. The installation is very clean and professional. There are no tangled electrical connections or air hoses. The horns project their sound directly out of the mouth of the car, yet are not visible at all from the front of the Miata.

  4. The horns are compatible with other accessories. This includes air intake systems, super & turbo chargers, mouth grilles, fog lights, and nearly all other Miata aftermarket accessories.

  5. The horns sound great! Obviously this is why you want air horns in your Miata. The sound is the classic Italian or British roadster air horn sound. It is loud and melodic and perfect for the Miata. A little "beep beep" horn just won't suffice! Plus, these horns really get noticed out on the road. They can be a real safety feature, especially in a small car like the Miata. Driver merging into your lane? These'll get you noticed! Many people swear that air horns have saved their bacon more than once.

  6. Finally, these kits are proven. These horns are very simple to maintain, and with a little cleaning will last for years. We have been selling these horns kits for over 12 years and many of our original customers still comment on the great sound. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year warranty, and extended customer service even past the warranty period. We have personally installed these horns in nearly 1000 Miatas, and can help you with any installation questions or other problems you might have.

    Here's what some of our customers had to say. David says, "I LOVE the air horns you installed. My wife claims that I will wake the dead with them." Larry adds, "Thanks for the great job on the horn. I love it." Christiane triumphs, "My mother loves the air horns! I knew she would." Cindy in San Diego says, "Thanks for the horns! They arrived Friday, and of course they were installed Friday night... They are loud! I'll probably lurk around wedding chapels just so I can toot the horn." Ed in Massachusetts says, "The horns came today and I installed em. They Sound GREAT. They were so easy to install - perfect instructions." Mike sums it up, "Just wanted to thank you again for the airhorns... I love them :)"

What are you waiting for?

We guarantee you'll like these horns or your money back!

The Crazy Red Italian Air Horns for the Miata are shipped standard to most locations in the US via Priority US Mail. We also ship to Canada, Europe, Australia, and most other countries. Order now and you too can have that Crazy Red sound in just a matter of days!


Still reading? Here's some more background on these horns from David, a.k.a. Crazy Red.

These air horns are of the two-projector variety (i.e. two trumpets) and made in Italy. I have them on my Miata and they sound great! The horn basics are made by FIAMM, and similar to other air horns marketed for the Miata. (The horns currently being imported are red in color.) I take the horns, add electrical harness and custom hardware, assemble all the hoses & brackets, add fuse and information label, package it up and ship it to & you with detailed instructions for installation in your Miata.
Why am I doing this? I think it's fun! When I first joined my local Miata Club chapter five-plus years ago, several other members had air horns. I loved the sound of them so I went out and bought a set at my local auto parts store. I fumbled through the directions included with the horns and realized that several components were missing. I put everything together and, when I installed the horns, broke them! The mounting brackets on the horns cracked and split! I had tried to install them as-is and that was a mistake!
So I looked under the hood of some of my friends' Miatas to see what they had done. Oh boy, what a mess! One person had the horns sticking out of the mouth like buck teeth. Another had a messy morass of electrical relays and wires drilled into the firewall of the car. Another guy kept blowing his horn fuse. There wasn't a one with a truly clean installation.
But I learned something from each of them and designed my own kit. It's nothing special, but it does the job and works well. Soon others were asking me to install horns in their cars. Personall, I've installed about 1000 sets of them now myself (average install time about 6 minutes), and we've sold another 5000+ sets through the mail. So here I am. Air horns for sale! In the years since, others have tried to copy our product. But it's not just about the horns. When it comes to simplicity, clarity, and ease of installation, they just can't compete! So try the original - complete and pre-assembled - Crazy Red Italian Air Horns for the Miata!

Let me know if you have any more questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks & Ciao.

David D./Redfire #:<{)
a.k.a. Crazy Red

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